About The Summit

In the digital age, the proliferation of information dissemination through social media platforms has transformed how societies communicate, share knowledge and make decisions. While these platforms have democratized access to information, they have also given rise to unprecedented challenges, particularly the spread of misinformation and disinformation. As Ghana approaches its crucial 2024 elections, the integrity of the information circulating within our digital ecosystem becomes a paramount concern.

In a maiden event, The Ghana Report Summit, themed “Dealing with Misinformation and Disinformation – Election 2024,” aims to address these pressing issues head-on. Beyond the scope of democracy and electoral processes, this summit will delve into social media’s intricate role in shaping public opinion, influencing voter behaviour, and potentially destabilizing societal harmony. The event will gather thought leaders, policymakers, media professionals, and technology experts to explore strategies for mitigating the risks associated with false information and enhancing the resilience of our digital spaces.

In an era where social media can amplify voices and distort truths, the Ghana Report Summit is a critical platform for dialogue and action. By examining the intersection of technology, communication, and democracy, we seek to foster a more informed, engaged, and secure society, equipped to navigate the complexities of the digital information landscape.

The 21st-century Ghanaian is submerged in unprecedented connectivity and the proliferation of digital platforms.

At the turn of 2023, nearly 45 million cellular mobile connections were available in Ghana, outstripping the population of over 33 million, with many Ghanaians owning multiple devices.

This positive development has empowered society but has also placed individuals at a critical intersection on information dissemination that could make or break a nation.

This maiden edition of the Ghana Report Summit is expected to unravel the tactics, expose dangers, and recommend best practices on information dissemination especially, on social media. 

It will bring together about three hundred participants and speakers, representing diverse institutions such as:

Government Officials, Policymakers/Regulators, International Organizations, Diplomatic Community, Civil Society Organizations, Private Sector Representatives, Media Owners/Professionals, Public Relations and Communication Experts, Technology Experts and Social Media Analysts, Academia, Content Creators/Influencers, Legal Experts, Youth and Student Representatives, Traditional Leaders, Religious Leaders



Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel, Accra


Wednesday, 31st July, 2024


9:30 AM